Who Can Use CBD?

Who Can Use CBD?

As CBD continues to gain popularity as the latest in-demand alternative health product, you might be wondering if it matches your lifestyle. So who exactly uses hemp-derived CBD? And why?

You might be surprised by the answer. It’s a much wider audience then you’re probably picturing. One recent study found that as many as 33% of Americans have used hemp. CBD users come from all ages, backgrounds, and needs. They are veterans and veterinarians. They are insomniacs and epilepsy patients. They are animals and athletes.

So meet a few of CBD’s dedicated following and find out if it’s the right fit for you too.

Most Common Groups

By far, the most common use for CBD is for pain relief. In fact, one survey found that as many as 40% of CBD users take hemp for this purpose. This group is followed by those who want to use CBD to address anxiety, coming in at 20%.

Beyond these reasons, 11% of customers use CBD products for insomnia, 8% for arthritis, 5% for migraines and headaches, and 2% for headaches.

By Age

Curious about the age breakdown? While the most common CBD user tends to be between the ages of 18 and 34, that doesn’t mean people from other age brackets aren’t giving hemp a try. In fact, adults between 35 and 44 years of age are much more likely to continue use over a long time span. Even the elderly are turning to hemp to address aches and pains such as arthritis.


Other Groups

CBD has been helping a number of other niche groups and their needs. 

Athletes have started employing hemp for back, neck, and joint relief as well as other kinds of inflammation, while veterans have utilized it for PTSD.

Pediatricians have started prescribing a FDA-approved CBD prescription drug to treat children suffering from seizures due to two different kinds of epilepsy. Cancer patients have also employed hemp for easing pain relief and lessening chemotherapy-induced nausea.

There’s more. Even pet owners have used CBD on their dogs and cats to help with arthritis, anxiety, and digestive disorders.

People from all walks of life have turned to CBD to treat their ailments and improve their well-being. Maybe it’s worth checking out for yourself.

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